Mud and Stone

by Loretta Hagen

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Rich alto vocals, polished award winning lyrics, and tightly woven harmonies are the hallmark of Loretta Hagen’s musical career. “Mud and Stone” Hagen’s highly- anticipated third release, features uplifting heartfelt ballads, playful up tempo country swing, and cool bluesy grooves.
Loretta brings her songs to life with a gentle sincerity and tongue in cheek musings, in her depiction of the human experience in today’s economic and social climates. Hagen’s expressive voice captivates as she weaves intimate verses and catchy choruses. Intricate acoustic stylings and solid instrumentation round out an album of 13 beautifully- crafted melodies that leave folks feeling as if they are listening to their own stories set to song.
“(Loretta’s been) blessed with….an uncanny gift of being able to write songs about everyday life which tug on the heart strings.”
Sol Zeller ~ Borderline Folk Music Club


released February 19, 2012

Acoustic Guitar:Loretta Hagen, Gary Hagen
Electric Guitar: Gary Hagen
Bass: Matt McGee, Ron De La Vega, Teri Avella Pete Bremy
Drums: Peter Young, Debby Maggiulli, Mark Beckett, Tom Mintz
Djembe:Linda Lambiase
Keyboards Mike Schimpf
Violin:Tim Lorsch
Banjo: Linda McRae
Penny Whistle: Sara Gallmann
Backing Vocals: Loretta Hagen, except Bonus Track: Gary Hagen , Sara Gallmann

Loretta Hagen photo credit: Maria Ventura/

CD Design: Amilyn Lanning/

Management:Michelle Fortier, Wingschell Entertainment /

Radio Promotion: Trespass Music
Tracey Delfino

Produced by Loretta and Gary Hagen
Recorded at Bearfort Recording & Sound, West Milford, NJ, except for Take Me recorded at Panda Productions, Hendersonville, TN.

Mastered by Glenn Barratt at MorningStar Studios, East Norriton, PA.

Song Lyrics and Bonus Track info at

Liner Notes

Much Love and Thanks to: Gary, for your love, your amazing ears, and the countless hours and passion you poured into this CD. Michelle Fortier, “the energizer bunny”, for your unwavering dedication, love and support. Tracey Delfino, for your friendship, for believing in this record and for inviting my little Lily to Massachusetts! Larry Ahearn for your friendship and guidance, Val and Ami for your invaluable help, love and friendship, Kooster McAllister (Record Plant Remote) for your kindness, your mics made a world of difference! Bernie and Celeste Stapleton for the recordings at CoyoteRidge Music, Kevin and John for you help and input, Tony Christopher for the brushes, the amazing musicians on this record for sharing your talents, the radio/internet/podcast DJ’s, I hope you’ll give this new one a spin or two or hundreds! Thanks for all you do for the music community!! To all the wonderful venues that have hosted us and to those we look forward to performing at, we appreciate all you do to keep indie artists flourishing. To the wonderful music artists I have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the stage with, you all inspire me, especially Terence Martin, you were an incredible inspiration to so many, your spirit and music will live on. To the wonderful audiences who attend shows and play the CDs, thank you so much for listening! To my beautiful family for always being there and helping me stay on this musical journey, and to my Lily, Simba and Figaro, I love you with all my heart!


all rights reserved



Loretta Hagen West Milford, New Jersey

Loretta Hagen is a New Jersey-based singer-songwriter, whose musical career spans two decades. Weaving folk, country, rock and blues, she writes songs with strong, catchy melodies and passionate poignant lyrics, and delivers them with her rich alto voice. "Loretta Hagen writes songs that sound like they can come from the Heartland, but they also really come from the heart." John Platt WFUV 90.7 ... more


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Track Name: Now That You're Home
1. Now That You're Home (4:00)
Words & music by Loretta Hagen
These days I've been
Filling up lonely hours
While waiting on
Your return
In my bed alone
I lie awake till the moon is gone
It's all aglow
Now that you're home

It's not your fault
Your occupation keeps you gone
In these times
You take what comes
You know that I will wait
Oh but the bill collectors can't
They'll get what their owed
Now that you're home

Now that you're home
I sleep through the night
Now that you're home
Baby I'm more than alright
I'm good as gold
Now that you're home

I opened the windows
And unlocked the dead bolt
Soon as I heard you drive up
Since you've been gone
I carried a heavy heart
It's light as snow
Now that you're home
Track Name: I'm Gone
2. I’m Gone (3:52)
Words & music by Loretta Hagen
A hole in the shade on my window
Pulls in light to my pillow
Tells me it’s time to wake up and rise
But here I lie
Dreaming but not like in night time
I’m keeping my eyes open wide
Buried beneath the blanket and deep
In my mind

I’m Gone
Although I haven’t been outside at all
I didn’t put one foot upon the floor
Oh but I went far
I’m on
A trail that runs along a mountainside
Gonna climb up to the top
And feast my eyes
On the great blue sky
I’m Gone

It’s easy for me to get lazy
I’d stay in this bed if I had my way
But this day already awaits me
And I’m running late
So I best be ending this movie
These little day dreams that consume me
And get up and start getting ready
But I think I’ll wait

I’m Gone
I’m standing on a covered bridge in Fall
The water underneath is moving slow
Over the stones
I long
To visit all the places that I love
I’ll travel in the early morning sun
Oh when it comes up
I’m Gone
Track Name: Money
3. Money (3:10)
words & music by Loretta Hagen
Money don’t like my hands
Slips right out of them
Like the water over the dam
Money don’t like my hands

Money don’t like my car
Up on cinder blocks
In the driveway with rusty old parts
Money don’t like my car

I work my bones
To bring a little money home
It don’t easily come
And what I make
Is promised to a note unpaid
That don’t leave me much

Money don’t like my house
Dirty and run down
On the inside and on the out
Money don’t like my house

And money don’t like the rain
Never gonna save for the weather whatever it brings
Money don’t like the rain
Track Name: Mud and Stone
4. Mud and Stone (4:11)
Words & music by Loretta Hagen

Everyday I put on my shoes
And I start my car
It takes me down the same old route
To the parking lot
Where I work my days
But I feel incomplete
Gotta make a change
Gonna start at my feet

Through mud and stone
I'll fill the well
That's been low
From a dry spell
Where fresh water flows
From the ground below
I'll draw it up
Through mud and stone

People can't live for
Making money alone
We all gotta feed our hearts
And the fire in our souls
Take a drive down a country road
Breathe the air in the wind
There's so much more here
That we can drink in

The sun lights the days
Then the moon takes it's place
Seasons fade
For a change of pace
Track Name: Take Me
5. Take Me (3:08)
Words & music by Loretta Hagen

You've been down
You're feeling like
You're never gonna find love
So for now why not think about
The other side of alone
No one to answer to
Or tell you what to do
The sea is full of single hearts
Just like you
Take me
I'm a perfect example
No ball and chain on my ankle
Now I'm as free as the wind blows
So if you're lonely
Take me
Now who says
That two is neccasarily better than one
It's anybody's guess
If love will last and who knows how long
I've heard it said to me
That love can set you free
Well I'm as free as any sailor
On the sea
Track Name: Turn In
6. Turn In (2:39)
Words & music by Loretta Hagen

When the weight of the world bends your back
Any day you fall under attack
From anything or anyone you combat
you can win, turn in
There's a place not of body and bone
Nor of pain and the doubt that you hold
A well of strength to draw upon
You can win, turn in
In you a voice that whispers a choice
You can change fear to love
Anger and need, jealousy, greed and sorrow
Are lost
So when the weight of the world bends your back
Anyday you fall under attack
Find grace along your path
You can win, turn in
Track Name: When My Years Are Stacked
7. When My Years Are Stacked (3:27)
Words & music by Loretta Hagen
I bore no children
Just never had them
And I am too dang old
To plan on any now
I've been thinking
About my golden years
And who will be there
To help me get around

When my years are stacked to the heavens
I'm afraid that I'll be alone
No goodbyes,no tear drops in someone's eyes
When mine forever close

I have a husband
But he is older
I don't know if he is going to outlive me
And if he's here still,
He'll be no help
As it is I do
Everything for him

I have a family, sisters and brother
But they have other responsibilities
Some have children, even grand ones
They were thinking right
When they were married
Track Name: Hunker Down
8. Hunker Down (4:17)
Words and music by Loretta Hagen

Can't you hear me, I’m talking to you
Can't you see me standing in your view
It seems as if you stare through me
At some far away moon

That old storm will pound your door
And hover over
Let my arms be where you run for cover
And hunker down

When the Summer
Moves on like water
Through a steady rushing stream
Into Autumn
When winds blow colder
You start falling with the leaves

When low clouds gather round
And you're under the thunder
Let my eyes be a quiet shelter
And hunker down

When those storms are at your door
And they hover over
Let my heart be a warm bunker
And hunker down

Can’t you hear me, I’m talking to you
Can’t you see me standing in your view
It seems as if you just ignore me
I’ll keep trying to get through
Track Name: Where Do I Go
9. Where Do I Go (3:13)
Words and music by Loretta Hagen
I gotta get away
So far away
Gotta get away from me
I'm living in my head
Where it's so negative
Gotta get away from me

Where do I go?
Where do I go?
Where do I go?
Not up for company
Don't find life funny
Gotta get away from me

Dwelling on past regrets
Keeps me so damned depressed
Gotta get away from me
Where do I go?
Where do I go?
Where do I go?

If I could meditate
Go to a higher state
Could I get away from me
I need a sense of peace
Sweet serenity
Gotta get away from me
Where do I go?
Where do I go?
where do I go?
Track Name: Get A Life
10. Get A Life (2:38)
Words and music by Loretta Hagen

Well it's honey this, sweetie that
Get me a beer in a tall glass
You're on your butt like old King Tut
Turning the sound on the TV up
Well honey why don't you go and get a life
And get out of mine

Well now I'm up nights listening to you snore
Late show blasting, remote on the floor
You lie there like sleeping beauty
It's no wonder I'm so moody
Well honey why don't you go and get a life
And get out of mine

Honey why don't you go and get a life
Because I'm not gonna spend all of mine
Waiting on a big overgrown child

The back yard lawn is growing up too tall
Mower is broke it needs an overhaul
You're no Tarzan in that jungle
Every weekend it's the same old trouble

Well honey why don't you go and get a life
And get out of mine
Yeah honey why don't you go and get a life
And get out of mine
Track Name: Santa If You're Listening
11. Santa If You’re Listening (3:54)
words & music by Loretta Hagen
How the holidays have changed
Each year more of their meaning fades
They sneak up on us like a wave
That washes out to sea

Here I am on Christmas Eve
With so fewer gifts to give
Been trying to make ends meet these days
There's just no easy way

Santa if you're listening
Can you find me work
I lost my job back in the Spring
And I feel I've lost my worth
I can stretch a dollar
But it don't cover much
Santa if you hear me
Could you get me through this month

Now I am not a lazy man
Answered every want ad
I'm not afraid to use my hands
Even for low wage

You see I've got a family
A wife and kids, and a dog to feed
They're everything and more to me
I'd give them anything

Santa if you're listening
Can you find me work
Lost my job back in the spring
Now I feel I've lost my worth
It's hard not to worry
And to keep my spirits up
Oh Santa if you hear me
Could you get me through this month

Wish I could fill these stockings
With nothing else but love
Cause I have a wealthy pockets full
And I would give more than enough

How the holidays have changed
Each year more of the meaning fades
I hope it becomes clear again
At Christmas time next year
Track Name: As We Count (On New Year's Eve)
12. As We Count (On New Years Eve) (2:55)
words & music by Loretta Hagen

This is the final minute
Before the year runs out
May it take no good with it
And leave behind our peace and health

And as we bide this moment
All of our dreams abound
I wish for doors that open
And raise a glass as we count

10, 9, 8, 7, 6
The time piece ticks

And as we pass each second
Watching the ball come down
I hope that love will beckon
To every heart and spread around.

As we recite the numbers
Shouting among the crowd
I pray the trials that cumber
Fall away as we count

5, 4 with a loud roar
We start to cheer
3, 2, 1
I'm counting on
Track Name: (Bonus Track) No Until The Next Time (Live)
Bonus Track No Until The Next Time (Live) (6:09)
Words & music by Loretta Hagen
My resistance is getting weaker
I think we're making a habit of this
Your situation is never clear
I'm into something I shouldn't be in
I know you're sneaking away each time
You ring my lonely bell
You're looking over your shoulder babe
You know it's not hard for me to tell

So I say no, no, no I can't baby
No baby can't you see that this ain't right
I can't open my door anymore
I can't let you into my life
It's no baby, I just keep telling you no
No Until the next time

You keep giving me little pieces
Of information I sort out
You say it's over and you don't love her
But you continue to sneak it around
When you come here I see you parking your car
Way down the block
But right outside my door babe
You know there must be a million spots

I say no,no,no.....

You better make up your mind boy
You're running out of time
And I won't be left
Hanging on the line

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